Positive Pressure Massage Therapy


Modalities Offered

The foundation of my education is in Swedish massage. This includes the following techniques: kneading, rolling, compression, friction, gliding strokes, tapotement, vibration, stretching

All these techniques can be done at whatever pressure you prefer.  These techniques can also be used for deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue or trigger point massage is done to specific areas of the body that need a prolonged deeper touch.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic I offered massage with tools. These included cups, bamboo, and stainless steel scraping tools. I have put the use of these tools on hold until the guidelines are updated.

I have training and education in these specific areas:

Swedish Massage

Anatomy and Physiology for Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Cupping Therapy


Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Chair Massage

Full Body Stretching

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