Positive Pressure Massage Therapy


Self Care

I am sure you have heard the phrase “self care” far too much recently. The truth is most stress comes from our jobs and our relationships. These are two major factors that are not easily changed.

With that said there are still easy and inexpensive ways to help relieve some of your stress and body tension between massage appointments.

Desk Ergonomics 

Sitting or standing at a desk all day is very hard on our bodies. There are some easy ways to combat the damage done. Your computer monitors should be in direct sight. Even having to bend your head slightly can cause a build up of tension. Use risers or sturdy books to lift your monitors into the correct position. If you use multiple monitors make sure you can move your whole body to look at the necessary monitor. Moving your neck to the side hundreds of times per day can make tension build up. Raise your desk chair if needed. If your feet cannot sit comfortably on the ground use a foot stool. If you are on the phone all day use a comfortable head set.

Move your body every working hour. Research shows walking for 5 minutes every hour has many benefits including undoing the damage sitting does to our bodies. You have to make this a habit. Sent an alarm or put a note on your computer monitor to remind yourself. You have to look out for yourself. When all is said and done the company you work for does not own your well-being.

Heating Pads, Heat Wraps, Hot Water Bottles, Heat Hydrotherapy

Heat can be very relaxing for our muscles. If you have chronic areas of tension heat can be a game changer. Just like anything else this needs consistency. Make heat therapy part of your bedtime routine. This is as easy as taking a warm bath or using a heating pad. 

Ice Packs & Cold Hydrotherapy

Cold therapy is great for acute muscle pain and inflammation. It can also help relieve headaches and migraines. Just using a frozen bag of peas can be effective. Try standing under cold water in the shower. Slowly reduce the hot water until it’s as cold as you can stand. Cold water can quickly reduce inflammation and reinvigorate our bodies. Only do this a few minutes at a time to start. If you are interested in exploring this more research “cold hydrotherapy” online.

Foam Rollers

Foam rolling your muscles can be very effective at releasing tension, it can also be painful. Foam rollers are available in several densities, black is usual the most dense. Start by using your roller against a wall. Youtube is a great resource for foam rolling techniques. If you try something and it doesn’t feel good move on to something else. Foam rollers are also available in a rolling pin style. You can use these on yourself or have someone help you. The best brand on the market is Tiger Tail. This is made in the USA and is a high quality product. 

Tennis Ball / Lacrosse Ball

Tennis and Lacrosse balls apply direct pressure to smaller areas. These can be used against a wall or on the bed or floor. Place the ball over an trouble spot then use your body weight to apply pressure. If you use these in bed be careful not to fall asleep on them. Tennis balls have more bounce, Lacrosse balls are very firm. 


Youtube is a great free resource for stretching ideas. Stretching should feel good an help you relieve tension. If a certain technique doesn’t feel right try something else. Not every stretch is right for every body. Try adding simple stretches throughout your work day. A body in motion stays in motion.

Foam Wedge

A foam wedge or bolster can help with back and knee pain while sleeping. Elevating your knees or legs at night can take pressure off your low back. See above picture for positions.

New Pillow

If you find your neck is stiff or tight in the morning it’s probably time for a new pillow. Don’t wait until this becomes debilitating. I know pillow shopping can be a chore. When you find a brand or style you like keep note of it. This will make it easier to replace when needed.







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