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COVID-19 Precaution Plan

Positive Pressure Massage Therapy LLC


COVID Precaution Plan as of 5/01/2022


The mask mandate and COVID precaution requirements from the Ohio medical board have been lifted for all vaccinated massage clients/patients. The board has left it up to the individual practitioner to decide what precautions we will continue.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms, uncontrolled coughing, or diarrhea you need to reschedule your appointment. If you have prolonged contact with anyone that is Covid positive please reschedule your appointment. I will no longer use the Covid questionnaire to screen for risk. Please respect the above requests.

All vaccinated clients can choose to not wear a mask. I will continue to wear one throughout the entire appointment.

All unvaccinated clients will continue to use a mask during their appointment until further notice. I will update these individuals when this changes.

I will continue all disinfection and cleaning protocols.






Previous plan:

For the protection of you, myself, and our vulnerable loved ones I am implementing the following procedures to combat the spread of COVID-19. I have compiled these procedures from the requirements of the Ohio medical board, CDC, and advice of professional massage organizations.

  • Upon arrival I will take your forehead temperature. If it’s above 100 degrees fahrenheit we will reschedule your massage. Please take your temperature at home before you come to your appointment. Even if you have no other symptoms an elevated temperature indicates your body is fighting something.
  • I will have you remove your shoes before you step onto my carpet. I will sanitize the floor in front of my door with 70% rubbing alcohol before and after all appointments.
  • When entering my home you must wear a well fitting mask that fully covers your mouth and nose. A loose mask does not stop the spread. If you don’t have access to well fitting masks I have disposable masks available. Please let me know if you need one. You may remove the mask while you are face down on the table. I will have a hammock like covering for the face cradle. When you are face up you must cover your nose and mouth with a mask.
  • I will provide hand sanitizer at the door. Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before entering the space. I will have you sanitize again before I massage your hands and arms.
  • If you or anyone in your household has recently had cold or flu symptoms such as fever, COUGHING (for any reason), sudden joint or body aches, sudden fatigue (we can no longer assume it’s allergies) we will reschedule your massage. If you recently had unexplained digestive issues or bruising please tell me before you come to your appointment. We need to talk through the circumstances before I decide how to proceed. Please do not hesitate to reschedule. We need to err on the side of caution until further notice.

Brandy will also do the following:

-take my temperature before each appointment. I will reschedule you if my temperature is above 100 degrees.

-use an ionic air purifier that kills bacteria and viruses in the air. I will run this at night every day and between appointments.

-wear a mask before, during, and after your massage.

-space out appointments even more than before. This will give the air purifier time to work and will give me time to thoroughly sanitize everything.

-clean with all disposable products.

-change my work clothes between all appointments.

-clean with at least 70% alcohol all touchable surfaces before and after appointments.

-hand washing before and after your massage will be done according to CDC guidelines.

-sheets will be changed and removed from the room between appointments as usual.

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